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A happier, healthier & more confident, 
less over-whelmed you!


We are Fran & Leah, we specialise in helping busy women build healthy, strong happy bodies & minds, without having to sacrifice a social life or live a life of restrictive eating!

Our approach is to look at your lifestyle as a whole, helping to come up with a kick-ass plan of action, to achieve optimal health & wellbeing through training, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, meditation, education & by finding your true 'why', enabling you to not only achieve your desired results but to be able sustain them in a busy world. 

We have helped my clients safely and effectively get into shape for the past 15 years', with tailored training and a flexible eating approach, we believe that absolutely no food should be off-limits!

Our style of coaching is a compassionate yet effective approach to getting you to your desired result but always with your mental health in the forefront of our minds. 

The Little Lady Lifts method is created by a women for a woman, helping you to feel confident, fit, healthy, happy & amazing, without a life of restrictive eating & punishing yourself. We believe in living guilt-free & embracing life!


We help you to establish your goals and your true 'why' behind them. Looking into why these goals mean so much to you & why they haven't worked before to ensure that this time is different. We then help to break it down into manageable bitesize chunks to ensure we get there. 

I have developed my method by working with hundreds' of women over the past 15 years', with different injuries, medical conditions, goals & lives, from the busy Mum with minus hours available to the burnt-out entrepreneur needing help with scheduling, time-management, structure & clarity on what they need to be doing and HOW they need to go about it. We help you to execute in a loving compassionate way.

We are your support system, coaches & biggest cheerleaders! 

This process is completely adapted to you, your history and what YOU want to achieve.

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment, nor should it mean that you have to be a nun and stay in 24/7 or develop an ED through super restrictive eating.

It’s one of the most amazing and empowering lifestyle decisions that anyone can make. We believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness is worth the discomfort. We focus on that long term goal, whilst embracing the process along the way! 





We coach women online to be the best, strongest, healthiest, most confident versions of themselves.

We offer programming and nutritional support, all tailored to you, based upon YOUR goals to get you the best results possible, without having to give up your social life, we teach you to live a life of balance without restrictive eating. 

Online coaching includes:

Zoom consultation

Personalised training programs

A kick-ass community & support group

App access for your workouts

Support with daily check in's inside the App

Video Technique assessment

Weekly form feedback 

Nutritional support

Private Facebook support group 





Essentially, whatever YOU need to get you to your goal!



We specialise in women's only coaching, whether your goal is fatloss or weight gain, we have vast experience in working with both ends & everything in between. We are super passionate about improving body confidence & helping you to feel like a tiny warrior in the gym, eradicating gym anxiety & the fear of the weights area, essentially helping you to show up as your healthiest, happiest, most mentally resillient version of yourself!

I am fully qualified in ante & post natal training also. 


carla profile pic.jpg

Carla Canning

Before working with Fran, I felt in a place of emotional and physical desperation. I have tried many different healthy plans; slimming world, weight watchers, JP and other lifestyle plans or Fad diets. I have unstable hormones which effect many areas of my life but mostly this effects my weight with quite dramatic fluctuations. I also had bad knee pain, back pain and I was living off painkillers to cure this. The mixture of these caused me to feel distressed and unmotivated. Which then lead to another terrible gremlin that I have…emotional eating.

I was waiting on a referral to have surgery which they said they would not do right now as I was considered too overweight to have non-emergency surgery and I needed to lose 15% of my body weight to be referred.

As I had tried so many diets, exercises etc on my own I was at the point where I knew that I had to find a more personalised approach as I simply did not have the knowledge and understanding to be able to continue by myself. The only concern that I had was that Fran and I went to school together but although we had not kept contact after that time. There was no awkwardness (well perhaps a little when im sending undies pics) and she really made me feel comfortable.

My physical results since being with Fran are a weight loss of 33Lbs and all over body measurement loss of 83CM. My mental results are learning resilience to my own negative thoughts. I have more understanding and knowledge of foods, calorie control and suitable exercise.

The absolute biggest breakthrough from working with Fran is self-understanding, acceptance, and confidence. For many reasons I was always hard on myself and really negative towards everything I done. It is through Fran sitting down with me and explaining all my weight fluctuations and differences etc that I can now really look at myself and understand that I am doing the best I can and that this is my journey, I will get there when I get there.

DO IT!!! If you are really willing to put in time, motivation and work alongside Fran then absolutely do it, you will not regret it.

I cannot big Fran up enough, like I said we went to school together she was lovely then and she still is now. She will listen to you, she will educate you, she makes sure you understand and are included in every step going forward. She does not let you have the delusions of unrealistic goals but will explain why your goal is unrealistic and will agree on a more suitable one, which when that goal is achieved makes you feel incredible. Fran really picked me up when I was down and negative on myself, she highlighted all my achievements so far, not just the physical ones. She would not allow me to lose sight of why I am doing this and where I am heading in this journey. I could go on but like I say, Fran is lovely and amazing and if you have the motivation then do it, it has changed my life.


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